Morgantown Mountain Goats DGC
Morgantown Mountain Goats DGC

Morgantown Mountain Goats 

The Morgantown Mountain Goats Disc Golf Club was established in 2013. The founders of the club were Jason Lee, president, Greg Hackett, vice president, Shelby Dering, senior grounds keeper & Shane Leiggi, senior gate keeper. The MMGDGC currently has the longest streak in West Virginia for league rounds without missing a week, dating back to 2013. The Mountain Goats have gone above and beyond since then — installing quality long tee pads, extra pin placements, clearing brush, raising money and directing tournaments. 

Morgantown Mountain Goats DGC


Morgantown Mountain Goats host 4 tournaments a year:

Giving Goats Mountain SOL Fundraiser

Tall Grass Challenge

The Sky Rock Ascension

The Morgantown Mountain Goat Club Championship

Morgantown Mountain Goat League

The MMGDGC holds a league every week, regardless of weather conditions. Some would say they are overly dedicated to the making sure league isn’t missed. They have had a consecutive streak of weekly league dating back to 2013. Greg Hackett is the director of the league. Greg keeps spreadsheets of every round played by each individual player who visits league. This gives a unique, in-depth view of the players’ growth, and determines the club champion and most improved players at the end of every year. This is great for folks who love to follow stats. 

The Morgantown Mountain Goats currently run a Sunday, non-PDGA sanctioned winter league from Oct. 16-March 20 at Dorsey’s Knob Disc Golf Course.

: 10:00 a.m.-10:15 a.m. Tee-off: 10:30 a.m.

PDGA-sanctioned league started March 13 and ran through Oct. 9 of 2016. The Mountain Goats run 10-week leagues in spring, summer and fall. That’s 30 straight weeks of PDGA-sanctioned league play. 

When daylight savings time allows, league switches to Monday.

Sign-in: 5:00 p.m. 5:15 p.m. Tee-off: 5:30 p.m. (The tee time adjusts to 6 p.m. as the days grow longer.)

The entry cost varies by event. Goats hold special league events such as Acestravaganza & CTP Madness, these are a couple bucks more but are well worth the visit. In 2016, the MMGDGC had a player win $660 in an Acstravaganza! Every standard league offers an ace fund with a $100 cap, two cash CTPs and one premium plastic CTP donated by league members if you wish to compete for prizes, each are $1. League fee is $2, which goes directly to the club for upkeep. 

Course configuration: Rotating short pads, longs pad, front 9 long & short 9 back, vice ver versa, and alternate tees rotating longs and short based off of odds and even numbered tee pads. 

Scorecards are drawn up based on your Goat tag number. If you don’t have one you will be randomly placed. 

The Goats are very hospitable and invite new comers of all skill sets, ages & origin. They are truly grateful to have you, so please don’t be a stranger — you have friends waiting for you at Dorsey’s Knob. 

Building & Maintenance

Dorsey’s Knob Disc Golf Course has come a long way in development and we have to thank the course designers, Josh Smith (PDGA #25139) and Phil Burton (PDGA #26014), for giving us a the design and helping the Goats get Dorsey’s Knob rolling. Dorsey’s Knob has some of the more unique tee pads in the region. The tee pads were built with precision and durability in mind.

Special Thanks To:

Shelby Dering (PDGA# 34389) headed up the task with the help of Shane Leiggi (PDGA# 43990), David Bennett (PDGA # 57693), Zach Parker (PDGA# 57630), Nick Buysse (PDGA #73715), Miguel Sandovol, Chris McDowell, Jason Lee (PDGA# 47808), Perry Leatherman (PDGA# 83312), House of Payne, Dan Wurth (PDGA#78936), Jesse Wright (PDGA# 49302) and countless others who have worked on the course.

The Goats are nearing the completion of Dorsey’s Knob DGC, with only the tee signs, building of a couple retaining walls and concreting the short pads to be finished. We are hoping to be finished by the end of 2017.

Morgantown Mountain Goats League & Club Champions

The MMGDGC runs a year-round league season. The season starts in late October or early November, depending on what Saturday the Morgantown Club Championship falls on. Based on the data collected from every league round recorded and a 26 league round minimum, the Goats determine a winner. This is one of the Morgantown Mountain Goats’ most prestigious awards. An extensive number of statistics are kept by the league coordinator to determine the most improved players and attendance awards. 


League Champions

Shelby Dering 2014, 2015

Josh Woods 2016


The Morgantown Mountain Goat Club Championship is an annual tournament held at the end of October or the start of November. The event is for club members only. The CC is a two-round, non-PDGA-sanctioned tournament played for trophies and prizes run by Jason Lee and Gregory Hackett. 


Club Champions

Gregory Hackett 2013, 2014

Joshua Smith 2015, 2016

Jason Lee, president, Gregory Hackett, vice president and the board go above and beyond to make sure league and tournament events continue to thrive and evolve in the area.


Gregory Hackett 2013
Gregory Hackett 2013 & 2014 Club Champion
Shelby Dering 2014
Shelby Dering 2014 & 2015 League Champion
Morgantown Mountain Goats DGC

Club History

Throughout the years the MMGDGC has been around, it’s seen Goats come and go from the region. Each and everyone of the Goats past and present have contributed their skills and helped form Dorsey’s Knob and the club to get where it is today. 


Jason Lee PDGA# 47808 – Morgantown, West Virginia

Vice President/Treasurer

Gregory Hackett PDGA# 61262 – Morgantown, West Virginia

Current Board Members

Shelby Dering PDGA# 34389 – Morgantown, West Virginia

Shane Leiggi PDGA# 43990 – Morgantown, West Virginia

Chris McDowell – Morgantown, West Virginia

Nick Buysse PDGA# 73715 – Morgantown, West Virginia

Board Advisors

Boyce McCoy PDGA# 70086 – Morgantown, West Virginia

James McDonald PDGA #44046 – Fairmont, West Virginia  

Kel Cecil – Morgantown, West Virginia

Past Members

Zach Parker PDGA# 57630 – Decatur, Georgia



Morgantown Mountain Goats DGC
Morgantown Mountain Goats DGC

Friends of the Goats

Lights-Out Disc Golf has sponsored several of the Mountain Goat leagues and tournaments. If you are looking for disc golf apparel, plastic and/or bags, hit up Lights-Out Disc Golf  their Facebook Page.

MountainBurst has graciously donated their time in photography, apparel & published articles. If you’re looking for a photographer for family pictures or just something to tie the room together, checkout Boyce McCoy’s

The Morgantown Mountain Goats Disc Golf Club runs a tournament called The Giving Goats for the Mountain SOL every year to show their support of The Mountain Stewardship and Outdoor Learning School. If you have children and are interested in learning more about Mountain SOL School, please check out their website at

Parked Disc Golf Blog is written by one of our very own Mountain Goat, Josh Woods. Parked Disc Golf looks at disc golf from a sociological point of view. If you are looking to check it out, it can be found at his blog or

The Disc Golf Shack sponsors Mountain Goat tournaments. The Disc Golf Shack is located in Williamstown, WV, adjacent to the Wood County Veteran’s Park. Josh Dick has a full assortment of plastic if you are in need. 

Mario’s Fish Bowl sponsors one of our tee pads at Dorsey’s Knob. After a round of disc golf at Dorsey’s Knob, swing by Mario’s Fish Bowl for a cold beer and great bar-style food. There is seating inside and out during the summer. Mario’s Fish Bowl is the Goats’ go-to after league rounds. 

WVDGA sponsors the Goats with donated CTPs, sleeves & tournament hole sponsorships. The West Virginia Disc Golf Association holds an annual points series for all the tournament directors who choose to participate. At the end of the year, they have a prize ceremony for Open and Amateur divisions. For more information click, on the WVDGA Logo.

BOPARC is the parks department for Morgantown, West Virginia. John Bobeck, park manager goes above and beyond keeping the fairways mowed, the tall grass manageable, weed eating and so much more. 

Made in WV is a sponsor of the Goats.  They have graciously donated graphic design work for discs and other art work. If you are looking for a something cool to get that West Virginia native, this is the place for you!